Japan Crane Association
Japan Crane Association (JCA) is a public corporation approved by the Minstry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the objectives of which are to prevent work-related accidents due to cranes, and upgrade the safety management of the load transportation. These objectives are achieved through carrying out technical research and surveys, training and education, information dissemination,inspection and examination, and providing the technical guidance on cranes, Through its activities JCA has been playing the leading role in the field of cranes and acting as a technical information source.
Outline of Association
Name Japan Crane Association (JCA)
Address 1-11-7, Shinkiba, Koutou-ward Tokyo 136-0082
Tel 81-3-5569-1911    Fax 81-3-5569-1916
Established September 5th, 1963
Approved October 24th, 1963
Members 5,240 (March 31st  2018)
Branches Offices 27
Inspection Offices 34 Inspection Offices
Competent Authority The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Registration Registration of the Minister for Health, Labour and Welfare
  • Regular Inspection
    (Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Derricks, Elevators, Gondolas)
  • Type Examination
    (Overload preventive devices of cranes and mobile cranes)

Registration of the Chief of Prefectural Labour Offices

  • Skills Training Course (including general safety education) on Cranes.
  • Operator Training Institutions for Cranes and Mobile Cranes
    (Gifu, Handa, Yao, Mizushima, Okinawa)

“Cranes” includes cranes, mobile cranes, derricks, elevators, construction lifts and gondolas.

“Crane, etc.” includes a crane, mobile crane, derrick, elevator and construction lift.

Organization Chart
Outline of Activities
JCA is a public corporation playing a leading role in improvement of industrial safety and transport management through survey and research, dissemination of knowledge and guidance concerning cranes, derricks, mobile cranes, elevators, gondolas and construction lifts (hereinafter referred to simply as "cranes").

a) Research • Survey
Cranes are technologically advancing. To investigate and come up with ongoing trends as well as to cope with prevention of accidents due to cranes, JCA set up the following permanent technical committees to conduct the research and surveys regarding the structure, use, maintenance, etc. on cranes.
JCA also organizes the ad hoc technical committees in accordance with the necessity of the projects.
JCA is playing a major role for international standardization activities for cranes (including mobile cranes) as a national drafting body of ISO/TC96 (Crane and related equipment) and the secretariat of ISO/TC96/SC5 (Use, operation and maintenance).
In addition, JCA acts as a drafting body of national standards and/or safety regulations of cranes and conducts the research entrusted by Government.
b) Inspection • Examination
According to the registration of the Minister for Health, Labour and Welfare, JCA conducts the inspection/examination and the guidance for periodic self inspection for the following cranes, etc. and gondolas.
c) Training and Education
For preventing work-related accident due to cranes, etc., JCA provides the operator training course, skills training course and other various safety and health education courses.
d) Pubic relations • Publication
Monthly journal “Crane” and website (http://www.cranenet.or.jp) provides the information of JCA's activities.
JCA publishes crane year book, question/answer books for license examination of crane, etc. textbook for skill training, special education and training and brush-up education, commentary of legislation related to cranes.
e) Information Analysis

Collection and analysis of accident cases and providing accident prevention information.

f) International Exchange
The needs of technical exchange with overseas groups are increasing according to the technical advancement in the field of cranes. From the international situation that Japan is positioned in, it is a key issue for the JCA to place importance in international technical exchanges, and through these it is expected that Japanese technology will be advanced.
g) Main Events

For promotion of safety consciousness for accident prevention JCA advocates “Crane Day” every year on 30th September, and holds a “National Crane Safety Conference” and “National Competition of Crane Safe Operation, Etc”. every year at which many personnel widely participate across the nation.

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1-11-7, Shinkiba, Koutou-ward Tokyo JAPAN  136-0082
Tel 81-3-5569-1911  Fax 81-3-5569-1916

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